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1 Year Anniversary

Congratulations on completing your WAGSTA Wellness Dog diet plan! 

You have offically been doggy dieting and maintaining a new healthier way of life for 12 WHOLE MONTHS!

This is a cause to celebrate! Not only do you know everything you need to attain and maintain any dog at a healthy weight, you’ve proven to us you can do it 🙂

Consider yourself a dog diet pro!

It’s been an absolute pleasure having you and your dog along for the journey. And we wish you all the best for your future adventures together.

Sadly this is the last piece of diet content you will receive via your members page and your account will soon close. To keep a record of your achievements we recommend downloading your report cards.

As a WAGSTA wellness alumni, we’d love you to continue participating in our members facebook group. Your insights and experience gained over the past 12 months are of huge value to newer members.

Please also continue to use the WAGSTA app to track your walkies, weight and wellness to optimise both you and your dog’s health.

Finally, we have a small ask.
If the WAGSTA Wellness experience has benefited you and your dog, we’d love you to spread the word to your dog owning friends. By recommneding our WAGSTA tracking app and diet plans, we can improve awareness around the prevention and treatment of dog obesity.

Together we can improve dog health and welfare throughout the world.

Thank you for all your hard work and contributions over the past year. They are appreciated more than you know.

xx Dr Charlotte Williamson and the WAGSTA team.


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