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Get your vet-approved dog diet plan today for a healthier, happier dog

We’ve got all the tools, motivation and support you need to transform your dog’s life!

Have you tried doggy dieting without success?
Are you feeling guilty over your dog’s weight gain?
Do you want to better your dog’s health but do not know where to start?

is for you!

Receive expert advice and the road map to dog diet success.

Dr Charlotte Williamson- WAGSTA Founder and Lead Veterinary Coach

Long term benefits of your WAGSTA Wellness diet plan include:

  • A happier, more energetic dog
  • Improved mobility and reduced aches and pains
  • Increased bonding and quality time with family
  • Improved dog health and reduced vet costs
  • Extended life expectancy by up to 2 & 1/2 years!
  • And most importantly fun and play!

Our mission is to help your dog feel like a puppy again!

Your best friend will thank you!”

“Our Fur Baby, Saltie, has just successfully finished his weight plan. Saltie was about 15% overweight which was contributing to Patella luxation (dislocated kneecap). Our options for treatment included surgery which would cost approximately $2000 or weight loss. We obviously opted for the weight loss option. Through Dr Charlotte Williamson’s amazing and highly professional program, Saltie is now back to his healthy weight and his lameness has disappeared. Thanks to this program we’ve identified and overcome some of our not-so-healthy feeding habits and we can confidently say Saltie is set to stay in peak condition. I highly recommend WAGSTA Wellness if you have a fur baby that is carrying a bit of extra weight.”

Teresa Howard and Saltie (2 year old King Charlies Cavalier X Spaniel)

Receive step-by-step guidance to achieve your dog’s healthy weight!

Veterinary-guided Weight Management in the Comfort of your Home
Your dog diet plan can be completed anywhere with internet access. Our course is smartphone, tablet and PC friendly.

Never Diet Alone!
Share your journey with our private facebook community of WAGSTA Wellness members. We are in this together to achieve the best results for our dogs.

Affordable, Friendly Advice
For less than the cost of a veterinary consultation, your WAGSTA Wellness monthly subscription guides you step by step to dog diet success. Receive weight management support according to your budget and dog diet needs.

Customised Calorie and Portion Plans
Membership will provide your dog with customised calorie and portion plans. Your dog’s calorie plan is monitored to ensure safe, sustainable rates of weight loss. Choose to use either imperial or metric measurements.

Flexible Feeding Options
Access our international dog diet food index to find the best diet food for your dog. Choose to feed your dog either commercial low-calorie dog food or our nutritionist-formulated home cooked recipes. And yes, treats are allowed!

Enjoyable, Achievable Activity Plans
We have three activity levels to choose from based on your dog’s current mobility and weight. We also provide for dogs (and owners) who are physically restricted. All of our plans introduce activity in a safe, steady manner. Activity plans include a combination of walking, off leash activity and play. Our safety first approach means we will never push you or your dog beyond your limit.

Weight Loss Coaching
Besides diet and exercise, this program navigates to the root cause of an overweight dog. Our video and coaching series delve into the management of household factors and feeding habits that impact on your dog’s weight gain. By recognizing the human-dog bond and the importance of mindset, we create habit change and learn to love our dogs in ways that promote health and vitality.

“Friends comment that Gyp looks like a new dog!”
“Overall Gyp has lost about 13 pounds which is fabulous. We’ve had comments that Gyp does not even look like the same dog as he did before we put him on his diet. I really do not think we could have accomplished his weight loss without this program. Gyp is now much more active and gets very excited about his walks. He is also more heat tolerant and just the other day accompanied my husband on a 5 mile jog with ease! I have been very happy with this program and with Gyp’s results.”

Sarah Oates and Gyp, Colorado, USA

As a WAGSTA Wellness member you will receive:

  • Membership area access providing your dog’s food and activity plans, weight loss tracking tools,photo progress log and weight loss resources.
  • Online veterinary support. Join our private Facebook group to receive support from your WAGSTA Wellness Coach and other program participants.
  • Weekly veterinary coaching videos.
  • Twice weekly coaching series, guiding you step-by-step through your dog’s diet program.
  • Ongoing diet tips with coach and community feedback as you progress on your dog’s diet journey.

As a WAGSTA Wellness member we will ask you to:

  • Follow your dog’s portion and activity plan closely.
  • Follow your weekly video and coaching series.
  • Upload your dog’s weekly activity levels.
  • Upload your dog’s weight once per fortnight.
  • Measure your dog and upload progress photos on a monthly basis.
  • Join us to receive feedback and support through our private Facebook group.

Thank you so much for giving me more time with my beautiful girl!”

“I would wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone with shall we say ‘ample’ over loved doggy. My Roxy is like a different dog since starting her diet, she has so much more energy, looks 5 years younger (she is a spritely 13 years young!) and moves so much easier. Roxy is losing her extra weight in a safe and managed manner. Dr. Charlotte, who is offering this assistance, is a wonderfully friendly and helpful professional vet and I could not recommend her and this program any more highly. She is always available to help Roxy with her needs and help me with the weight challenge. I cannot thank her enough for giving me more years with my beloved dog. With Roxy’s weight loss I believe our time together will be a lot longer and with a much better quality of life for my girl. Thank you Dr. Charlotte, for this wonderful program and so much more time with my beautiful girl.”

Jan Polaris with Roxy 13 year old Labrador x Staffordshire Terrier

3 Reasons Why You Need WAGSTA Today

2 yrs Reduced Life Expectancy

When your dog is overweight, unhealthy or inactive, life expectancy reduces by 2 years (that’s 14 doggy years!) Improvements to dog weight and wellness can add these years right back on!

100’s of Serious Health Effects

There are hundreds of serious health effects brought on by weight gain, including early onset arthritis, respiratory illness, diabetes, heat stroke, skin disorders and many more. Weight management minimizes your dog’s health risks and can reduce symptoms of existing illness and disease.

$1000’s in Veterinary Bills

Weight gain can result in very expensive, but preventable, veterinary costs. Heat Stroke could cost up to $2000, while Knee Ligament (cruciate) Repair could cost you over $5000! Weight management also reduces medication costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

After sign up you will be guided through 7 Prep Steps. These include filling out your dog’s profile, completing feeding and activity questionnaires, and setting goals and milestones.

During your preparation, you will be guided in how to portion and select a suitable diet food for your dog. You will need to factor in time to source and introduce your dog to their diet food (recommended 4 – 7 days).

Once prep steps are completed, you may activate your diet plan on the day most convenient to you. We recommend commencing your dog’s diet within a week of diet plan purchase.

During the program aim to set aside a minimum of 15 minutes per day to visit and update your member area, view coaching materials and to converse with coaches and community via the private members’ group. If you have longer to spare, great!

Activity – at program commencement we start with 2 x 10 minute dog activity sessions per day. By the end of 12 weeks this will have grown to 2 x 30 minute activity sessions per day (comprised of dog walking, play and off-leash activity.) forming your dog’s maintenance activity baseline. Activity sessions may be condensed into single daily walks.

WAGSTA Wellness plans are suitable for all breeds of dog and all levels of mobility.

(Dog diet plans are not suitable for pregnant or lactating dogs or for dogs aged less than 1 year, or less than 18 months if a giant breed).

We recommend all canine participants receive a general health check by a veterinarian prior to commencing their weight management program. This can help confirm your dog’s idea weight and rule out any health factors contributing to your dog’s weight gain.

WAGSTA Wellness weight management plans and calorie restricted diet programs have been developed in accordance with professional veterinary research principles: AAHA Weight Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats.

For best rates of success, we encourage dogs be fed a commercialized “diet dog food” or “weight loss” formulation for their entire weight loss program. Selection of a suitable diet food for your dog is addressed as part of your program induction.

The WAGSTA Wellness diet plan also provides access to pet nutritionist-formulated diet food recipes. These recipes are suitable for those who are experienced in home-cooking for their dog.

The WAGSTA Wellness program aims for dogs to achieve 1-3 % body weight loss per week, in line with professional veterinary weight loss guidelines.

Your dog’s starting body condition score (BCS) will determine the length of their weight loss period. Most pet parents with dogs who are 10-20% above their ideal weight (BCS 6-7), take an average of 3- 6 months to achieve their dog’s healthy weight. While dogs in the upper obese range (BCS 8-9) will take a little longer.

With strict adherence to our dog weight loss program the follow weight loss figures are achievable over the course of 16 weeks:

Starting weight of 50 kg (110 lb) – lose 5.7-15 kg (12.6-33 lb)
Starting weight of 40 kg (88 lb) – lose 4.1-12.3 kg (9-27 lb)
Starting weight of 30 kg (66 lb) – lose 3.5-9.2 kg (7.7-20 lb)
Starting weight of 20 kg (44 lb) – lose 2.4-5.3 kg (5.3-11.7 lb)
Starting weight of 10 kg (22 lb) – lose 1.3-4.4 kg (2.9-9.7 lb)
Starting weight of 5 kg (11 lb) – lose 600 g-1.5 kg (1.3-3.3 lb)

Our programs are suitable for all levels of mobility. If your dog is unable to participate in regular activity, our diet plan will guide you in achieving your dog’s weight loss through caloric restriction alone. This is relevant for morbidly obese dogs, disabled dogs and those requiring pre-surgical weight loss.

We have three activity programs available, suitable for varying breeds and levels of mobility and fitness.

Get your vet-approved dog diet plan today for a healthier, happier dog.