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3 Ways Dog Dieting leads to Vet Bill Savings

If your pooch is a little pudgy we have some good news for you. You have scope to reduce your vet bills!

And the best way to receive immediate and long-term savings on your vet bills is to slim your pet down to a healthy weight. That’s right, dieting your overweight dog will save you money! Here’s how:

1. Healthy weight dogs have cheaper medication costs

Most medicines are dosed according to body weight. Therefore, the heavier your dog, the greater the dose of medicine required. With medicine routinely charged out according to dose, treatment costs for heavy dogs soon tally up.

overweight dog medication

The cost of medication for overweight dogs can soon add up

Many pet parents enjoy significant savings on prescription medicines after successfully dieting their dogs. It is not uncommon for dogs to drop a weight range, or two on their regular parasite preventatives (flea, tick and worm medications), quickly contributing to significant vet bill savings over the course of a year.

online dog diet plan

2. Reducing your dog’s weight decreases risk of costly illness and disease

By effectively managing your dog’s weight you will significantly reduce your dog’s risk of developing a chronic illness.

Diabetes, skin infections, urinary incontinence, cancer and arthritis are costly conditions linked with dog obesity. These conditions often require costly veterinary monitoring and long-term medication and treatment.

If your dog already suffers chronic illness, effective slimming will likely lessen disease symptoms and reduce your pet’s reliance on medication- meaning less trips to the vet and cheaper vet fees.

Pet insurance is advisable for all pets, especially overweight dogs whose weight makes them prone to illness and injury. Learn more about pet insurance and whether it is worth it here.

Pet parents of overweight dogs increasingly rely on pet insurance to help cover veterinary treatment costs. For example Nationwide Pet Insurance members spent over $69 million USD on obesity related claims in 2018, with obesity related claims increasing for the eighth consecutive year!

3. Healthy weight dogs are less likely to require surgery.

Obese dogs are at an increased risk of spinal, joint and ligament injury requiring surgery.

One of the most common operations carried out on overweight dogs is the ACL or anterior cruciate ligament repair. This operation alone can cost upwards of $3000 USD and often requires follow up rehabilitation such as physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

Reduce vet bills through effective dog weight management.
Reduce vet bills and the risk of costly procedures by maintaining your dog at a healthy weight.

Upper airway surgery is also becoming increasingly common with overweight dogs. The recent ownership trend in brachycephalic-short faced breeds (Pugs, French Bull Terriers and Bull Dogs), has resulted in an increasing number of dogs suffering from obstructive airway syndrome.

Restrictive breathing patterns are pronounced in overweight dogs, often necessitating urgent surgical intervention to open the airways.

By contrast, healthy weight dogs benefit from reduced anesthetic risk, and have better post-operative outcomes with faster recuperation.

The vet bill savings don’t stop here!

Reduced canine weight often results in lowered pet transport costs, lower pet boarding costs and reduced grooming costs. Not to mention reduced feeding costs!

Slimming your overweight dog makes both financial and health sense. But most importantly it means your trusty companion gets to enjoy a longer and happier life by your side.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your successful dog weight loss transformation today. Not only will you save your hip pocket, you will maximize your dog’s health and happiness!

long healthy dog life

We all want long, happy lives for our canine companions


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