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Week 18 Diet Tip

Use your dog’s rate of calorie burn as a diet incentive.

If you’ve been tracking your dog walks with our Wagsta app, you will be familiar with the amount of calories your dog burns during exercise.

Many find these calorie burn figures surpringly low! Especially when you consider how many calories your dog can consume in a single treat. For example:

Beggin Bacon Treats: At 30 calories per treat, two treats fed per day is the equivalent of:
A 10 kg (22 lb) dog having to walk 5.45 kilometers (3.38 miles) in just under an hour
A 30 kg (66 lb) dog walking 1.8 kilometers (0.73 miles) in 18 mins
This is the amount of exercise required to burn off the calories consumed through eating 2 treats. It does not take into account daily meal intake and other food sources.

Pig’s Ear Treat: Containing up to 300 calories per ear:
A 10 kilogram (22 lbs.) dog needs to walk 27 km (16.8 miles) to burn off the equivalent energy consumption!
A 30 kg (66 lb) dog needs to walk 9 km (5.6 miles) to burn off the equivalent in calories.

Extrapolated to a 10 minute per kilometre walking pace and we are talking a 4 ½ hour walk for our 10 kg pooch and a 1.5 hour walk for our 30 kg friend.

All the more reason for us all to remain treat-aware and to stick with our nutrient packed low calorie fruit and veg treats 🙂  

Have you identified your dog’s favourite fruit and vegetable yet?

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