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Week 47 Diet tip

Consider your dog’s walk wear.

Just as the correct pair of shoes can make all the difference to walking, so too can your dog’s leash combo!

There are three main combo’s suitable for dog walking.

Halti vs Harness vs Collar

Collar – the regular neck collar is the go-to for most dog owners. Neck collars are ideal for well behaved dogs, that do not pull or try to break free from their owner.  Of note, overweight dogs often slip their collars due to their neck circumference being greater than their head. This can be a safety hazard in traffic areas and around other dogs. If this is a problem for you, consider swapping to a haltie or harness until your dog has reached their ideal weight.

Harnesses- worn over the chest, harnesses avoid pressure on the windpipe. As such they are ideal for brachycephalic breeds and dogs with neck injuries. Harnesses also work well for smaller breeds and well behaved larger dogs that do not pull when on the leash. Many owners mistakenly think harnesses make dogs more controllable, when infact they only increase a dog’s ability to pull their owner along (similar to a harnessed horse and cart!)

Halties- an excellent choice for strong dogs who can be difficult to control. So, if your dog pulls on the leash, give a haltie a go. Worn over the head, halties give finer control and prevent your dog gettting their weight behind them to pull you along. Always ensure the haltie is well fitting and does not rub near the eyes. It will take your dog several weeks to get used to the sensation of a haltie, so be patient and take it slowly.

Final Tip: As your dog loses weight, regularly check the fit of your dog’s collar. Loose fitting collars, halties and harnesses can contribute to rubbing and are more likely to become caught on objects. Aim for a snug fit, allowing you to place two fingers between the webbing and your dog.

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