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Week 48 diet tip

Maintain adequate hydration

Your dog’s water consumption is likely to increase slightly during dieting due to:

  • increased daily activity levels
  • consumption of dry kibble diet

Good hydration is essential for overweight dogs. Always ensure your dog has a fresh water supply available which can be accessed throughout the day.

Know the watering points on your regular walk routes and if venturing further afield, bring your own water. There are some great water bottle and bowl combo’s suitable for carrying in your backpack.

Overweight dogs are especialy prone to heat stroke during hot and humid weather. Always exercise in the cool of the day and have a water supply on hand incase your dog needs help cooling off. To assist cooling, wet your dog’s coat down (focussing on the head, neck and groin area) and apply ventilation by fanning your dog or placing in the breeze. Seek veterinary attention immediately, if your dog shows signs of collapse. Never force your dog to drink water.

Note: A noticeble increase in water intake over the course of several days to weeks should always be investigated by your vet. Polydipsia (excess thirst) may indicate the onset of health conditions such as diabetes, hormonal conditions and kidney damage.

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