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Week 50 diet tip

Embrace those wrinkles!

As you near your dog’s healthy weight you may notice a few extra doggy wrinkles and skin folds. Embrace them as these are proof of your successful dieting efforts 🙂

The higher your dog’s body condition score at the start of this program, and the older your dog, the more likely your dog will have excess skin. Skin folds and less taut skin are to be expected and should not pose a problem to your dog. Typically most dogs display some skin shrinkage the first year after attaining their healthy weight. However this degree of shrinkage is variable.

During your dog care and grooming routine pay attention to any extra skin folds to ensure they stay clean and do not get infected (risk areas for skin fold dermatitis include the neck, face and vulva region).

We are sure you agree – a few extra wrinkles is a tiny price to pay for your dog’s new found health and athleticism 🙂

Note: In extreme cases, surgical removal of excess skin can occur. This is very rare and only recommended when excess skin forms a physical impediment (e.g. a morbidly obese miniature dachsund with excess skin on the tummy which rubs on the ground and interferes with gait).



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